Joseph Preli Farm & Vineyard
Joseph Preli Farm Winery
Text Us at 203-530-0083

Winery:   TASTING AREA CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Visit us in the Spring for a wine tasting at our outdoor tasting area by the vineyard. 

In addition to the farm, our wines are available at South Side Wine and Spirit Shoppe (1 Water Street, South Glastonbury).  If you would like to purchase bottles from the farm, text 203-530-0083.

Farmstand:  CLOSED FOR THE SEASON - see you in the Spring.

CSA: Thanks to all our flexible CSA members.  Remember any funds you did not use will carry over into next season.  New members can sign up anytime. Share the harvest with out the risk and limitations of a traditional CSA. 

GIFT CARDS: Give the gift of fresh vegetables, fruits, AND wine.  Our gift cards are good for everthing we sell. 

Contact info:  If you have any questions, text or call us at 203-530-0083.

Joseph Preli Farm Wines

Joseph Preli Farm Winery is a small family farm winery. All of our wines are made in small batches from fruits grown right here on the farm. Come relax on the farm and taste our wines (tastings are $10 and include a sampling of 5 our varieties and the logo stemware glass for you to keep).

During nice weather, we conduct tastings at our outside tasting bar by the vineyard.  During bad weather in the barn or farmstand.  A picnic area is available.

Our wines are made the natural way.  No added sulfites or chemicals and yes they are gluten-free.

If you have any questions, text us at (203-530-0083).  



Traditional New England hard apple cider fermented with pineapples and oranges. Names after our beloved former farm dog Bailey (Snaggletooth).  This is a semi-dry wine and is best served chilled.  Makes a great refreshing spritzer..

Farm Cider  

Traditional New England hard apple cider. Semi-sweet with a nice smooth finish.  

Day of the Dead  

A perfect blend of our Concord grape wine and a traditional hard cider. You get the best of both worlds -the lightness of cider and the taste of Concord Grape.  Named after the mexican holiday (Day of the Dead) to honor all of the ancestors that have passed on. This is a semi-dry wine. This year's variety has an interesting tart sour cherry finish.

All Hopped Up    

Hopped Cider.  This is a hard apple cider (no sugar added; natural fermentation) that has hops added. Like all our wines it's gluten-free.


Guiseppe (concord grape)

Old-world recipe made from only our heirloom Concord grapes.  The vines have been growing on the farm for nearly 100 years.  Fermentation of this wine occurs naturally from the yeast that is on the skin of the grapes. Named after the farm's founder grandpa Joseph (Guiseppe) Preli. This is a semi-dry wine and would be great paired with beef or pasta.

Angel's Share (niagara)   SOLD OUT

This is a semi-sweet wine made from our Niagara grapes. Niagara is a white-skinned version of a Concord grape. It has the flavor of a Concord but is less tart.


Uncle Pete's (peach)

This wine has captured the essence of our farm grown peaches without being overly sweet. This is a dry
wine and would make a great base for Sangria this summer.  Named after John's Uncle Pete who started his passion for farming.

Elsie (tomato)   Two versions - one sweet; one dry

This one will surprise you and your friends. Made with our family heirloom tomatoes.
This is a sweet wine and would be great with spicy food. Named after John's mother Elsie who nutured the farmily heirloom tomato, saved the seed year to year, and made sure we are still enjoying them today. [We have a less sweet version also available.  Request it if you like a dryer wine].


Dario Blue (blueberry)   

Classic wine made fresh from our own blueberries. Named after John's mentor, Pat (Dario) who taught him to grow blueberries and maintain farm equipment.  This is a semi-sweet wine that is great with dinner or after.  

Strawberry  (Stawberry Moon)  SOLD OUT

Semi-sweet wine made from farm-harvested strawberries.  Subtle strawberry flavor.

Raspberry (Berry Patch)   

This one is for the raspberry lovers out there.  Tastes like you are eating fresh raspberries fresh from our berry patch.

MEAD   Sold Out 

We had a great harvest of honey from our farm's honey bees.  We have made a few batches of mead from the honey.